Best Budgeting Software For Small Business

Best Budgeting Software For Small Business


Finding the best budgeting software for small business can be a game changer for an entrepreneur. The budgeting process can be tedious and complicated for many small companies, taking up excessive time. 

If you’re not careful, it can also be effortless to lose track of where your money is going—or not going—and how much cash flow you have on hand.

The good news is that plenty of options can make this process easier and more efficient. In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best budgeting software for small businesses so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business!


Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that allows you to manage your business and finances in one place. It offers the tools to keep your business running smoothly, like invoicing, expense tracking, payroll, and reporting.

Xero’s user interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to use. You can get started with Xero in under an hour, no matter how many employees you have or how much accounting experience you have.

Xero’s pricing depends on the number of users your business needs: $19 per month for up to 10 users. $29 per user per month for 11-25 users, $49 per user per month for 26-100 users, and $99 per user per month for 101+ users.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software, which means it’s stored and managed online. Because you’re not installing anything on your computer, it’s easy to use and maintain.

The software’s design helps small businesses and offers tools like invoicing, tracking expenses, managing time and employees, and more. You can also access mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

It integrates with other popular services like PayPal, Xero, and Shopify so you can manage your finances across multiple platforms with one account.


Relay is an online platform that allows you to create, share, and edit documents in real-time. It offers a variety of features, from document creation to collaboration.

It offers tools that enable companies to manage their data and make it available to others. Making data available can happen on the company’s servers or using other servers provided by Relay.

Using Relay, companies can create a secure, private space to store their data. This platform enables them to share this data with others while protecting the privacy of that data.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft. First released in 1985, it has become one of the most famous pieces of software worldwide.

Microsoft Excel allows users to create spreadsheets and charts, store data in tables, and analyze that data to find trends and make predictions about future outcomes based on past performance. 

It also includes functions that allow users to perform calculations on the data they’ve entered, making it easy for them to manipulate their numbers to find answers to specific questions or problems.


Tiller is a financial management tool that helps you manage your finances, track spending and income, and visualize your progress.

With Tiller, you can connect your accounts to see your income and expenses in one place. You can add costs not associated with a budget, like cash purchases or online payments.

Tiller automatically categorizes your expenses, so you can see how much you spend on rent, groceries, and more. You can also create custom categories if a category still needs to be made available in Tiller.

Tiller lets you set goals and track progress toward them over time—whether paying off debt or saving for a vacation. You can even set up recurring transfers between accounts, so your savings grow over time!


Budgyt is financial planning software designed to make your life easier. It helps you keep track of your expenses and income and helps you plan for the future.

The program lets you easily see where your money goes and what you can do to save more. It also allows you to set goals, plan for retirement, track investments and debt, and more.

It has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use even if you need to become more familiar with financial planning software.

Money Minder

Money Minder is a new way to manage your finances. With this program, you can track what you spend and where. With Money Minder, there’s no need to carry receipts or worry about forgetting them at home. You’ll never have to wonder if you can afford that new pair of shoes again!

You don’t have to worry about losing any more money than necessary—Money Minder will help you get back on track financially to start saving for the things that matter!

This finance management tool helps you manage your money. You can use it in conjunction with your bank account, which can help you track your spending habits, set goals for saving and spending and create budgets that are easy to keep track of and follow.


NetSuite is a business software company that provides cloud-based financial management, eCommerce, and operations applications to more than 30,000 customers worldwide. 

NetSuite’s applications hosting is on the Oracle Cloud, and its all-in-one platform enables businesses to manage their entire enterprise in one system.

NetSuite enables companies of all sizes to manage their finances, run their day-to-day operations, and build their online presence through a single integrated system. 

The company’s industry-specific applications support areas such as accounting, eCommerce, ERP, and CRM, as well as human capital management and supply chain management.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different options for small businesses to choose from when it comes to budgeting software. If you select a web-based solution, you will have access to all your information from anywhere, and IT support will not be needed. 

You will also be able to access the software from any device, so it will be easy for everyone in your organization to check their budgets and make changes as needed.

 But which one is the best? That depends on your needs and the features you’re looking for in your budgeting software.

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