Are Cash Advances Bad For Credit Score

Are Cash Advances Bad For Credit Score


Let’s address the elephant in the room. Are cash advances bad for your credit score? Imagine planning a weekend getaway and realizing you’re short on funds. Panic strikes, but then you recall that your credit card can give you an instant cash advance. The relief! But, hang on a minute. Have you ever wondered about the aftermath? Let’s navigate this financial maze together.

1. What Exactly Is A Cash Advance?

Think of a cash advance like an emergency parachute – it can save you mid-air, but it comes with its own weight. In simple terms, it’s a short-term loan you take against your credit card limit. But, how does it relate to loans to build credit? We’ll dive into that.

2. The Direct Impact on Your Credit Score

Now, to the heart of the matter. Does a cash advance directly dent your score? No. But it’s similar to opting for credit cards for fair credit; it’s not the card, but how you manage it.

3. The Debt Utilization Quandary

Cash advances increase your credit utilization rate. So, if you’re already teetering on the edge, a cash advance can be like adding weight to an overloaded scale. Remember the time when you were searching for the best high yield savings account? This is as critical.

4. Beware of the Fees and Rates

Just like how there are costs involved in banking for small businesses, cash advances come with fees. These fees can pile up and affect your ability to pay back.

5. Cash Advance and the Interest Rate Mirage

Unlike the regular purchases you make with your credit card, cash advances often attract higher interest rates. It’s like the difference between best savings account interest rates and loan interest rates.

6. The Repayment Timeline and Your Score

Delaying your cash advance repayment? Bad idea. Just like a delay in understanding how to start investing in real estate, postponing repayments can have long-term repercussions.

7. The Alternative Solutions

Before diving into cash advances, ever considered tools like good budgeting apps? They can help you manage finances better and prevent last-minute crunches.

8. The Recession Ripple Effect

Suppose we’re staring at a downturn and pondering what to invest in during a recession. At such times, cash advances can be tempting. However, they may not be the wisest choice.

9. Making An Informed Decision

Evaluate the pros and cons. Research like you would while finding the best banks with savings account. Ensure you’re making an informed choice.

10. The Bigger Financial Picture

Always look at the bigger financial picture. If you’re considering a cash advance today, how might it impact your plans, say for how to get an investment property loan, tomorrow?


To round off our journey: Are cash advances bad for your credit score? Inherently, no. But their indirect effects, from higher credit utilization to potential repayment delays, can influence your score. Like every financial tool, the key lies in using it wisely. When you’re at crossroads, remember to ask yourself: is the quick fix worth the long-term consequences?


  1. Do cash advances affect all credit scores similarly?
    • While the direct impact is consistent, other factors like your current credit utilization can vary the effects.
  2. How soon do I need to repay a cash advance?
    • It’s best to repay as soon as possible due to higher interest rates.
  3. Are there any credit cards that offer cash advances at lower rates?
    • Rates vary, but generally, cash advances attract higher rates than regular transactions.
  4. Can I transfer my cash advance debt to another card?
    • It’s possible, but balance transfer fees and other charges may apply.
  5. How can I avoid needing a cash advance?
    • Regular budgeting, using tools like budgeting apps, and maintaining an emergency fund can help.
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